Football Players Donates Mammograms To Honor His Mother

Every day awesome people are doing amazing things in this world. People are going above and beyond, they’re being selfless, and they’re trying their hardest to actually make a difference and positively impact people’s lives. We think it’s AWESOME.

This week, Pittsburgh Steeler’s running back Deangelo Williams donated 53 mammograms to patients in need. Williams donated the mammograms in honor of his mother, who died from breast cancer in 2014. Williams has also lost four aunts to the disease, so the cause is one that’s incredibly important to him.


Football players donates mammograms to honor his mother

Williams was the player in charge of leading the push in the NFL in 2009 to allow players to wear pink cleats during October for breast cancer awareness. That petition was obviously accepted, since today October in the NFL is littered with pink paraphernalia both in the stores and on the field.

Williams’ most recent petition to the NFL came this year, when he requested that players be allowed to wear pink year round in support of breast cancer awareness, rather than just during the month of October. He pointed out that the fight against breast cancer never stops, and neither should our attempts to raise awareness about the disease and support the people battling it. The NFL denied his request, but already Williams has managed to shine a huge spotlight on breast cancer and begin the push for change to the league’s rules.

Mammograms save lives, and we know the 53 women who received mammograms thanks to Deangelo Williams are incredibly grateful for the efforts this young man has made to support the cause.

Way to go, Deangelo!