Is The Flu Over Yet?

Once January hits, and especially when we get to the warmer months like April, we start to celebrate the end of flu season. People start washing their hands a little less obsessively, forgetting about vaccinations, and throwing caution to the wind as we turn our thoughts to happier things like Easter and the impending summer! At least, most of us do. For those of us in New Mexico, however, things are a bit different. That’s right, this past week New Mexican officials issued a statement begging residents not to get too comfortable too fast. Contrary to popular belief, in New Mexico flu season is still far from over.

This year’s flu was especially nasty, almost doubling hospitalization rates in the state and leading to 28 deaths in Dona Ana County alone. Although it looks like the influenza A virus is pretty much done doing damage, influenza B is still a big threat to New Mexican residents.

It may be a little late to get vaccinations at this point, but it’s not too late to continue exercising other precautionary tactics like proper and frequent hand-washing, etc. We’re almost out of the woods, but if everyone can help out by keeping flu on the brain and continuing to try to prevent the spread for just a little bit longer, then soon enough we can start celebrating the end!