What's Right and What's Left?

This week, we celebrated Left Handers Day, for the estimated 10% of the population who are south paws.

We know that the left side of the body is controlled by the right side of the brain and vice versa, but what we were apparently wrong about is that it causes people to function fully right- or left-brained.

Researchers have found that people do not predominately utilize one hemisphere of the brain over the other.

“It’s absolutely true that some brain functions occur in one or the other side of the brain,” said lead author Dr. Jeff Anderson of the University of Utah from a news release. “Language tends to be on the left, attention more on the right. But people don’t tend to have a stronger left- or right-sided brain network. It seems to be determined more connection by connection.”

The University of Utah scientists conducted their research on more than 1,000 brain scans from people aged 7 to 29. They tried to find associations between specific tasks thought to be from one side of the brain or another, such as creative pursuits like art and writing on the right and logical pursuits like math on the left.

They found no such connection.

This challenges the perception that creative people are right-brained and more methodic people are left-brained.

Someone should tell Beyonce that even though she is creative (once perceived as a right-brained trait) that her brain does sometimes function to the left!