Football Players Donates Mammograms To Honor His Mother

Every day awesome people are doing amazing things in this world. People are going above and beyond, they’re being selfless, and they’re trying their hardest to actually make a difference and positively impact people’s lives. We think it’s AWESOME.

This week, Pittsburgh Steeler’s running back Deangelo Williams donated 53 mammograms to patients in need. Williams donated the mammograms in honor of his mother, who died from breast cancer in 2014. Williams has also lost four aunts to the disease, so the cause is one that’s incredibly important to him.


Football players donates mammograms to honor his mother

Williams was the player in charge of leading the push in the NFL in 2009 to allow players to wear pink cleats during October for breast cancer awareness. That petition was obviously accepted, since today October in the NFL is littered with pink paraphernalia both in the stores and on the field.

Williams’ most recent petition to the NFL came this year, when he requested that players be allowed to wear pink year round in support of breast cancer awareness, rather than just during the month of October. He pointed out that the fight against breast cancer never stops, and neither should our attempts to raise awareness about the disease and support the people battling it. The NFL denied his request, but already Williams has managed to shine a huge spotlight on breast cancer and begin the push for change to the league’s rules.

Mammograms save lives, and we know the 53 women who received mammograms thanks to Deangelo Williams are incredibly grateful for the efforts this young man has made to support the cause.

Way to go, Deangelo! 

Saving the World One Cheap, Blingy Bra at A Time

October is a beautiful month, and between the fall changes and the trick or treating and the pumpkin carving, it can be easy to forget to focus on what we think is one of the most important parts of October: bringing awareness to and taking a stand against breast cancer, an ugly disease that seems to rear its head more and more often every year. Usually during this time of the year, you start getting flooded with bra decorating contests. It was a very original idea when it was first created, but it’s become a staple of October since then, with millions of different organizations each offering their own contest every year. The concept is a simple one: decorate a bra and donate the money towards funding for breast cancer research. Unfortunately, oversaturation has become a bit of an issue.

Every year we’re finding that less and less people are participating, and we believe it’s because people have gotten tired of seeing the same thing year after year. That’s very sad to us. So we wanted to take a little bit of time to remind you why things like the bra decorating contest are actually important.

1) They do in fact raise awareness, and without awareness a solution can never be found. People have to know about the problem if we expect them to help be a part of solving it.

2) It’s a light-hearted way to talk about a heavy issue. It’s not easy to talk about cancer. It’s an ugly disease that has stolen loved ones from so many people, and it’s hard to find a way to bring attention to the issue without bringing up painful memories. Doing that in a light-hearted way makes it easier for people to get involved.

3) Bra decorating contests have raised millions of dollars for breast cancer research over the years. It doesn’t always feel like getting all arts-and-craftsy with a cheap Walmart bra is really accomplishing anything, but in reality these bra decorating contests (as silly as they might seem) are actually huge contributors to breast cancer research funding. Our contest may only end up raising $100, but if one million organizations each raise $100, that’s $100,000,000.

It may be too late to enter our contest, since decorated bras are already up for voting, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to get involved. We encourage you to take part in the voting process on our Facebook page, and if you feel inspired then you can just donate to the cause as well!

You don’t have to decorate a bra to show that you care about breast cancer. Just be involved. Help raise awareness. Educate yourself and help educate others. And if you do enjoy decorating bras, then that’s great too! Either way, it’s the people like you who can help companies make strides towards finding a cure for this horrible disease.

Breast Cancer Rates High Among Troops


Breast Cancer Rates High Among Troops

 Our military members are heroes, and even viewed as invincible, but unfortunately no one is completely invincible.  Although most members of the military are normally at lower risk for most cancers than civilians, breast cancer is not one of them.  Military women need to pay just as much attention to their breast health as civilian women do, because early detection is key to survival.

“Military people in general, and in some cases very specifically, are at a significantly greater risk for being diagnosed with breast cancer,” says Dr. Richard Clapp, a top cancer expect at BostonUniversity.  Dr. Clapp works for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on military breast cancer issues and he thinks that the military is exposed to risk factors directly linked with higher chances of breast cancer diagnosis.

Although breast cancer typically is a woman’s problem, there have been mysterious spikes in the male military population as well.  The American Cancer Society says typically about 2, 190 men are diagnosed with breast cancer a year, and 410 die.  They found that dozens of men at CampLejeune in North Carolina were diagnosed with this disease, a total of 80 men.

Military women are 20-40% more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer than civilian women in their age group.   They believe one of the causes for this is the usage of oral contraception among the military women. However, experts are unsure why these breast cancer spikes in the military are happening. Theories include: radio emissions, chemicals, aircrew work, toxic bases, and shift work.

“Military women are also more likely to be engaged in industrial jobs than females in the general population and are hence potentially more likely to be exposed to chemicals that may be related to breast cancer,” the researchers wrote.

Breast Cancer is just as brutal as combat for military women.  From 2010 to 2011, 800 women were wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan, while 874 women were diagnosed with breast cancer.  Back in 2009, it was found that more women were removed from a combat zone because of breast cancer than any other condition.

“The dog tags and camouflage are real.  I am still active duty,” a woman soldier said on her blog. “I have been in for over 17 years and 2 combat deployments. In February 2011, I was diagnosed with Stage IIIB Breast Cancer, four months after being deployed to Afghanistan.”

It is important for our military women to perform self exams, receive annual exams, especially in light of these statistics.  No one is invincible, check yourself and spread awareness to your loved ones!

To read the whole article or more information on the article, check it out here.

Breast Cancer Awareness by Clovis Open MRI


Breast Cancer Awareness by Clovis Open MRI

 In two weeks, Clovis Open MRI, the Imaging Center of Clovis, and a number of Clovis Community College students are teaming up to hold a Breast Cancer Awareness event on October 11, 2012.  The event will be held at Faith Christian Family Church located at 3401 North Norris Clovis, NM 88101.  The event begins at 11:30 a.m. running until 1 p.m.

They will share information on mammograms and a local provider will explain and demonstrate self check exams and the importance of early detection.  Events will also include a gift basket giveaway, wish table, and balloon lift off of devotions for survivors and those lost.  There will also be a number of survivors sharing their stories.

This event will also feature the Pinky Swear campaign, which is dedicated to spreading awareness of breast cancer and the importance of early detection.  Attendees will be invited to sign a promise to beat breast cancer by performing self-check exams and getting annual mammograms, then passing on the promise to their family and friends.

Early detection is an integral part to survival and is the center of the Pinky Swear campaign.  The campaign was created to inspire people to spread the word and save their loved ones.  The Pinky Swear Pledge was created for women to take a pledge that they would pay attention to their breast health and do self exams, while reminding their friends to do the same.

Clovis Open MRI hopes to see everyone come support this event.  They are looking forward to working with the Imaging Center of Clovis and the volunteers from ClovisCommunity college to make this event a success.

For more information on this event e-mail Ashley Tibbetts at