A Brand New Look For A Brand New Us

We’ve got some pretty exciting news! Just this morning our brand new website officially went live! We’ve been wanting for a while to get a fresh new look, and we finally found the time to do it.

We really wanted a website that had more in depth information for our patients and providers, since our old one was fairly basic. We really feel like we got to add a lot of relevant information to the new website, and we think you’ll all find it incredibly useful! Plus, we’re absolutely adoring the fresh new look!

There are a few new features that we really love because we think they’ll be super helpful for our patients, but probably the most exciting one is that you can now request appointments online via our scheduling page, instead of having to call into the office to do it! This is really useful, and we know this feature will get put to good use.

Anyways, enough talking! A picture’s worth a thousand words, and these before and after photos have got to be worth even more than that!  Enjoy, and if you’ve got some time then check out our new site at www.cneimaging.com.

A brand new look for a brand new us