How To Thank Your Doctor

March 30th, 2016 is Doctor Appreciation day! Doctors spend their lives helping patients feel better to live happy and healthy lives! They always are very thankful for their patients who choose them. Radiology is no different. Although you might not always interact with your radiologist, their knowledge and hard work is what allows us to discover and fix broken bones, detect breast cancer, etc. Maybe you’ve had a special experience with a doctor or radiologist, or maybe you just feel like being appreciative, and want to thank them. Here are some simple ways you can thank your doctors!


1.   Thank You Card

We told you they were going to be simple! A thank you card might not be that exciting to you, but your doctor (or radiologist) will definitely appreciate it! Cards are great because they can be saved and read later in difficult times.


2.   A Shout Out on Facebook

You could dedicate a status to your favorite doctor and talk a little bit about what you like about them! Doctors would love this because not only are you proclaiming your support for him or her, you are also publicly doing so which might help the office get business.


3.   A Small Gift

If you have the money to spare, a small gift for your favorite doctor might be the way to go! It could be coffee (if they drink it), their favorite cookies, a gift card for $10 or $15 to a local restaurant or Apple, and more! This option is perfect if your doctor went above and beyond for your care like many do.


4.   Something Homemade

If you can the rest of your family all go to the same doctor, you might consider making them something symbolic. If your doctor was a cardio doctor, you could consider making a small heart out of paper mache so they could keep it in their office.


5.   Just Say Thanks

If you really don’t have time to do anything above, it’s okay. Doctors don’t work with patients because they want to get a thank you. They do it because they enjoy making a difference. However, it still feels nice to be appreciated. Next time you are in the doctor’s office, make sure you thank him or her and give them a handshake (if you aren’t contagious).


These are some of the ways you can thank your beloved doctor. Doctors do all they can to make our lives better and recognizing them for stepping up to the plate and taking care of our health is a must. Happy Doctor Appreciation Day to all the doctors out there whether they are practicing radiology, pediatrics, etc.