How To Have A Crazy Valentine's Day Date!

Valentine’s day comes every year and whether you’re single, newly dating, or in a committed relationship, there’s a lot of pressure on guys to come up with a spectacular day to remember. It’s super easy to just go with the standard Valentine’s day plan that everyone knows – dinner, movie, and flowers. That’s definitely sweet and any girl loves attention from her special someone, but let’s get you to do something crazy this year! If you’re pushing boundaries and thinking outside of the box, you can spark both of your spontaneous sides and let loose this Valentine’s day!

Go Hiking/Camping

Camping may not seem like the most romantic thing to do on Valentine’s day, but it can be. If you find a nice camp ground with amazing trails, it can be a blast. You and your loved one and adventure and explore around while hiking up to beautiful views. This is perfect for spending quality time and making sure you’re giving the attention to each other that you need. Also, sitting around a campfire at night telling stories is a great feeling. 

Sky Dive

Nothing says ‘love’ like falling out of an airplane together. Valentine’s day is all about showing the person that you’re with that you love them, and what’s a more exciting way to do that than an adrenaline rush?! If you’re a little too nervous about jumping out of a plane, you can always choose the alternative route – indoor skydiving. You and your date can hold onto each other for support and this will definitely be the most memorable Valentine’s day. What’s a good date without a little fun?

Go Zip Lining

Get out there and let loose! Zip lining is thrilling from start to finish. You and your date will be tingling with excitement when you commit to zip lining. The experience is unforgettable and super freeing. Whether you’re trying to impress someone you’ve recently started dating or trying to spice things up with your long term significant other, this is a perfect Valentine’s day wild surprise! 

Ride Rollercoasters

Let’s be real, everyone loves a day at the theme park. Grab your date and head over to the theme park of your choice. Your day will be filled with non-stop thrill! This is the perfect Valentine’s date to kick things up a notch and spend a jam packed day with the person you love. Can you really go wrong with a theme park date? After all, rollercoasters test your relationship. If your significant other stays with you after they see your scared face, then you know you’re with the right one!


Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be the same every year. Nothing is wrong with a nice dinner and movie, but sometimes you need to kick things up a notch! Pushing yourself to conquer new fears or try something new with the person you love is a valuable experience, and really can bring your love to new levels. All of us at Clovis Open MRI hope you have a fun, adventurous Valentine’s day!