Vegans Aren't Crazy

Is it just us or are your friends turning into vegans, too? It seems everyone we know is converting to a vegan lifestyle which had us seriously confused, until we researched the health benefits. A friend of mine explained that not only is veganism helpful to animals and our environment, but it has immense health benefits that might make you want to join the veganism movement. So, what’s so great about a vegan diet?

Veganism isn’t just a health diet, it’s much more than that. Medical News Today reported that consuming animal fats and proteins have been clinically proven to raise a person’s risk of cancer, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension, heart disease, etc. Even further, another study found that vegan diets minimize or completely eliminate a person’s genetic propensity to developing diseases such as cancer, diabetes, etc. 

So, let’s break this down. A vegan diet is filled with nutrition which is easy to see why--they’re cutting out all of the unhealthy foods that are so easily consumed. Here’s a few of the nutritional benefits you can expect if you convert:

  • Less saturated fats – meat and dairy are heavily packed with saturated fat,   but vegans are happily avoiding these fats which leads to improved cardiovascular health
  • Fiber – healthier bowel movements
  • Vitamin C – healthier immune system and gums
  • Vitamin E – benefits your heart, eyes, skin, and brain
  • Carbs – increased energy and bodily functions

Not only can veganism provide a nutritional edge compared to non-plant based eaters, but it also can combat diseases. If you’re interested in reading all of the benefits, check out this detailed list here.

  • Blood Pressure – vegan is rich in whole grain which lowers your blood pressure
  • Prostate Cancerstudies have shown men that switched to a vegan diet were cured of their cancer or experienced significant positive changes
  • Arthritis – cutting dairy out of your diet significantly alleviates the symptoms of arthritis
  • Cardiovascular disease – cutting meat of your diet has been shown to reduce your risk of heart disease

As you can see, veganism is much more than a trend. There are significant health benefits that can have anyone seriously considering converting. Veganism is an extremely difficult diet to convert to, which is why many people shrug it off, but if you are experiencing any health issues and need a healthier alternative, perhaps you should continue your search into veganism. At Clovis Open MRI, we want to make sure you’re always in the loop and up to date on any health issues.