Spruce Up Your Spring Cleaning With Some Fun!

It’s time to welcome spring back into our lives again! Along with blooming flowers, longer sunlight hours, and warmer weather is everyone’s annual Spring cleaning. It’s our time to clean out the old and make room for the new by rummaging through all the areas of the house that we never look through. You know that drawer in your room that is packed full with who knows what? It’s time to face those corners of your house! Break out the Lysol, vacuum, and garbage bags and prepare to take part in spring cleaning. Your cleaning doesn’t have to be boring…make it fun this year by trying out some of these tips!

Some new tunes

There seems to be so many new album releases lately. If you haven’t listened to your favorite artist’s new album all the way through, then now is the time to do so! Usually, we hear one or two singles on the radio by our favorite artist, but we don’t usually listen to the full album. This will keep you upbeat and entertained while cleaning your home!

Get your groove on

This guy seemed to really be enjoying his Spring cleaning! If you’re dancing around while cleaning, it will make your time fly by. You will break loose a few new moves and really start to have a great time. You know the saying, dance like no one is watching you! Now is your time to do that with no judgment because who doesn’t want to dance to that new groovy song? 

Make it a group project

Time always flies when you’re having fun, especially with your best friend. If you have your best friend help you out while spring cleaning, whether it’s just to be your moral support or to actually clean with you, it’ll keep you occupied. Share jokes, laugh, tell stories, and keep it light hearted. Your Spring cleaning will be done in no time!

Use Social Media as Your Motivator

If you find a way to give yourself motivation, you’ll be cleaning away! Social media can be great for that. Snap a before picture and get to cleaning! This will really get you to start deep cleaning in order to show off a dazzling after picture. Before and after photos are always a fun and rewarding way to document your progress. Post it online to give your friend’s some motivation!


All of us at Clovis Open MRI want to wish you a happy spring cleaning! You can transform spring cleaning from being a stressful, long day to an exciting, light hearted event! If you follow these tips, you’ll have a sparkling clean house after your fun filled cleaning day. Have some fun and don’t forget to whistle while you work!