7 Fun Facts About Memorial Day That Will Take You By Surprise

This Monday is Memorial Day, which means that right now all around the country people are jetting out of work early, packing the kids into the car, and heading out for a long weekend full of picnics, parades, fireworks, the beach, and (if you’re lucky) some really good booze. Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer vacation, but more importantly it serves as a day of remembrance and gratitude for those who have died protecting our country.

At Clovis Open MRI we are so incredibly grateful to those who have served and continue to serve our country. It is thanks to the sacrifices of these soldiers that we are able to live the way that we live and do the things that we do.

We looked around, and we found some fun and pretty interesting facts and figures about both Memorial Day itself and the celebrations that occur throughout the country on this special holiday. Here they are!