Why We Love KOB4's "Pay it 4ward" Campaign

There are so many times that we’re proud to say we’re from New Mexico. Whether it’s receiving recognition for a sports team, seeing one of our gorgeous landmarks featured on Buzzfeed, or simply just walking out our door and admiring the places around us, we can honestly say that New Mexico is a wonderful place. There’s something that’s been happening in New Mexico recently, something we think is really awesome and deserves some attention. KOB4, one of our local New Mexico news stations, recently started their “Pay it 4ward” campaign.

The campaign is all about rewarding the people in New Mexico who do extraordinary things to help others, all out of the goodness of their hearts. These people are out there making the world a better place, and they’re doing it without trying to get famous or any benefit to themselves.

KOB4 developed “Pay it 4ward” to thank these do-gooders for everything they do. In January, New Mexican residents were encouraged to nominate someone who they believed helps make New Mexico a better place to live, or someone who acts as an inspiration to others and could use a helping hand.

Every week since January 26th, KOB4 has been selecting one do-gooder from the nominations to receive the “Pay it 4ward” award, which consists of $400.00 donated from the station and delivered by whoever nominated the winner. KOB4 goes with the nominator when they deliver the award to each winner, capturing the heartwarming moment on TV for viewers.

It’s an amazing idea, and we love getting to see the love and respect New Mexicans have for each other. You can see the video here!