CT Joins the New Mexico Community

Normally we like to highlight what we’re doing here at Clovis Open MRI, but occasionally we try to step back and recognize when someone else is doing something exciting in our community. Today our friends over at Carlsbad Open MRI (our twin center that lives in Carlsbad) is adding CT scans to their list of services. CT is a very useful procedure, one that we’re glad is finally going to become available to patients in the New Mexico area. As a whole, there aren’t a lot of centers that offer CT to patients in our area, and we’re glad that if someone’s finally going to be able to do it, it’s our friends in Carlsbad.

The CT scanner is being officially debuted today, and scans will be available to patients for $400, which is approximately $200 less than the average cost for a CT scan in our area. The staff at Carlsbad are also offering same day appointments and STAT procedures for patients and referring physicians as well.

We like to support the businesses around us, which is why we’re sharing the news about Carlsbad. We believe that our patients are more than pleased with the services we offer them, and we’re proud to be your #1 option for MRI, but if you’re in need of a CT scan then we’d love for you to visit our friends in Carlsbad. For more information, you can visit their website at www.carlsbadopenmri.com.