High Heels Might Not Be So Bad for Your Knees After All

People have said for years that high heels are bad for your joints, yet stylish women everywhere still enjoy stepping into these shoes for work and for play. It turns out these women may actually be doing their knees a favor, according to a new article. Researchers found that running shoes increases strain on hip, knee, and ankle joints and causes 38% more ankle twisting than being barefoot.

How does this relate to high heels, you wonder?

The strain running shoes caused on these joints is worse than the strain walking in high heels causes, according to the study’s lead researcher D. Casey Kerrigan of JKM Technologies LLC.

Unfortunately, that does not mean that medical experts are now recommending trading in sneakers for stilettos.

Instead, the suggestion from this study is to aim for barefoot running.

Obviously, running without shoes poses its own health risks, so the fairly new trend of “barefoot” running may be the best option. These “barefoot” shoes are designed to allow the arch is to absorb the shock stemming from hitting the pavement, just as they would when running barefoot. However, this trend is not without its own risks.

The good news is that research is still being performed and hopefully will result in better shoe design and technology that will allow runners to stay fit, while preserving their joints.

Here's a video to learn barefoot running.