Alternatives to Fireworks in the Western Drought

Governor Susana Martinez has issued an order to avoid fireworks this year due to the drought and wildfires. Any accidents stemming from fireworks use could cause more fires to break out and considerable more damage. Even though fireworks are normally legal in New Mexico, those who violate this order can be assessed fines up to $1,000. Fireworks are common practice this time of year with 4th of July celebrations, but there are somealternatives to enjoy Independence Day.

  • Have a barbecue and use a gas grill
  • Who says you need an open flame to enjoy an All-American hot dog on the grill? You can use a gas grill and still have a fun cookout for the 4th
  • Enjoy the outdoors at the pool or a nearby lake
  • Cool off by playing water games, water sports, or just leisurely swimming
  • Have a laser light show
  • A laser light show will satisfy the desire to watch the colorful displays fireworks provide
  • Whack a piñata
  • Instead of watching the fireworks explode, whack a piñata and watch the candy explode
  • Have a water fight
  • A water fight using water guns and/or water balloons can be both fun and refreshing in the summer heat
  • Enjoy a Firecracker popsicle
  • These firecrackers are still okay and preferable in the drought

With a little creativity, you can plan activities that will bring so much fun you’ll barely miss the fireworks. And if all else fails, watch the national fireworks displays on TV from the comfort of your own, air-conditioned home.