Spotlight: The Otero Center for Sonmadewellnes

This week, Clovis Open MRI would like to highlight The Otero Center for Sonmadewellness.  With the variety of programs that they have to offer, the OteroCenter helps keep Clovis natives happy and healthy! By highlighting them we hope our patients learn what this great practice has to offer. Trinity Family Medicine is a program that offers care to all family members, pediatric (2 weeks+), elderly care, routine exams, lacerations, minor fracture care, and hospital care through physicians who support our office.   They are also trained to what kind of care you will need outside of their office.

First Line Therapy is a program that helps patients to make lifestyle changes to improve their health and wellness.  In this program they use certain medical foods to help correct body imbalances.  This program has helped many stabilize their bodies and their lives.

Allergy Choices is a noninvasive program that patients can do at home, helping to resolve common allergies, by using all natural means to treat under lying causes.  (available through Trinity Family Medicine)

Quick Gym Clovis is a gym created for those with little time to work out and uses a machine to assist you in obtaining the exercise you need in a short period of time.

Two other features for patients include an onsite Herbalife Distribution and Sonmadewellness’s natural pharmacy.  These give patients the access to high quality medical foods, supplements and other products that may be used to improve an individual’s health and wellness.

The Otero Center for Sonmadewellness is located at 701 Arizona Street, Clovis, NM 88101.

Clovis Open MRI is proud to highlight such an amazing practice and encourages everyone to know what all the different offices, in our community, have to offer!