Some Fun Health Tips to Get Through This Winter!


Feeling Lazy?

-Get yourself a new pair of good sneakers it will give you a little extra push to be more active.

Feeling a Little Dull?

-Research says that rosemary may be able to increase your memory and alertness!

Have Dry Eyes?

-Eat more seafood like Salmon; the body uses omega-3 fatty acids to produce tears.

Stressed Out?

 -Soak in a bath with a few drops of lavender essential oil.

Chest Congestion?

-Drink Ginger! Pour 2 cups of boiling water over a 1-inch piece of peeled, grated ginger; steep for 10 minutes; and strain. Add a pinch or two of cayenne pepper to the water and drink as needed. (Or drink some ginger ale!)

Trying to Cut out Sugars?

-Eat bitters instead.  Foods like olives and cooked greens will help to get rid of your sugar craving.

Want to Keep your Heart Healthy?

-Eat Potassium!  People who eat high potassium diets tend to be less prone to high blood pressure and it helps to keep their hearts healthy! Eat foods like bananas, cantaloupe, and oranges.

Dry Skin?

-Add avocado to your diet, they are high in vitamin E which helps promote healthy skin.

Bad Teeth?

-Shitake mushrooms and Wasabi both have compounds that help fight the bacteria in our mouths that cause plaque and cavities.

Trying to Stay Healthy?

-Eat Garlic and onions.  Raw or lightly cooked garlic and onions may help to keep you healthy because both foods have antiviral and antibacterial properties in them, and they are both believed to boost ones immunity!

-Also, remember to wash your hands frequently—wash them as long as it takes to sing “Happy Birthday” twice.

Cold Feet?

Sprinkle some cayenne pepper into your socks—it helps by increasing the circulation.

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