Shop With a Cop!


Clovis Open MRI picked the “Shop with a Cop” program this year to help children in our community that are in need.  We are donating enough for two children, but hopefully with enough support we will be able to donate for more children!  If we get 30 or more likes on our Facebook page, we will donate for another child! 

The event itself will be taking place on December 22nd with the Clovis Police Department.  Each child will get a $100.00 gift card and they will get to go shopping with a police officer!  Over the past few years, this has grown in popularity from only 20 kids to over 100 kids.  This is because they have been able to raise over $10,000!

Clovis Open MRI is proud to be able to donate to “Shop with a Cop” and we hope to donate more with your help!