Ground-Breaking Ultrasound Technology

A company in the UK is about to launch their new ground-breaking ultrasound technology.  This new technology develops a picture of the baby as good as a photograph.  Dr. Lissette Torres-Cabrera is the creator of  this new technology, after she experienced some complications with a pregnancy.  She believes that mothers need to have that strong bond with the baby in the womb and this technology will make it that much stronger with a better image. 

“The most amazing aspect of our CEIP (Corrective Enhancement Imagery Program) is that the mother doesn’t require a special scan, any regular 3/4D scan is all that is needed.  The system is able to re-engineer existing imagery to create an ultra-clear image, allowing you ‘for the first time’ to see your unborn baby from within the womb with remarkable detail.  It is the closest thing to seeing your baby before birth,” says Dr. Torres Cabrera.

The leading experts in the industry are already showing interest in the technology, and patiently awaiting the launch. 

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