Spotlight: Oak Medical Practice, P.C.


 Oak Medical Pratice, P.C., is coming up on their one year anniversary at their current location in Clovis, New Mexico.  Tobore Kokoricha, MD, founder of Oak Medical, believes that patients come first, which is why he makes sure that each and every patient is treated with the highest quality care, customized to each patient’s needs.

 Dr. Kokoricha has been in the community since 2004, after completling his residency at MCP Hahnemann in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  He is an internal medicine physician and became a Fellow of the AmericanCollege of Physician (ACP) in 2009, reinforcing his dedication to providing the highest quality care possible.

Many people become uneasy or stressed when going to a doctor’s office, however, the entire staff at Oak Medical is so warm-welcoming, that they make you feel comfortable, easing any fears about visiting a doctor’s office.  Not only is the staff compassionate, but they are also extremely helpful and knowledgeable.   

 If you are currently searching for a new primary care physician and are in the Clovis area, give Dr. Kokoricha a call.  He is a favorite among his patients and will do everything he can to get you to your optimal health! 

 Clovis Open MRI is proud to highlight such a prominent physician and practice.  Dr. Kokochira’s office if located at 2001 W 21st Street in Clovis, New Mexico and you can call them at 575-935-1625.  To learn more about Dr. Kokochira and his practice visit their:  website, Facebook Page, or Twitter and follow them for news and event information.