MRI Scans May Tell Susceptibility to Drinking

In a new study, certain patterns of the brain activity may be able to tell if a kid is at risk of becoming a heavy drinker.  The researchers studied 40, 12-16 year-old kids, who had not started drinking yet.  After 3 years, they scanned them all again, and half of them started to drink.  They learned from the scans that the brains of the kids who started drinking looked like those of heavy drinkers, because they have to use more brain activity to perform memory tests. 

 Squeglia, one of the researchers said, “It’s interesting because it suggests there might be some pre-existing vulnerability.”  Although that this study is interesting and found out a lot of information that may be able to tell a lot about a teenager and their future drinking habits, this does not mean that teenagers are going to have to get brain scans done for this purpose.

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